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Subcontractor in laser cutting, pressbraking, eccentric press, machining, manuell welding,
robot welding, paint shop with blasting/wet painting and assembly work.

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Facts about Svets & Mekano

Brief details about our company

Presently, we have 50 employees and generate an annual business turnover of 75 million SEK.

As well as undertaking to manufacture a basic one off sheet metal product, we are able on the other hand, to manufacture and assemble larger and more elaborate products in numerous components or sections.

Our company can manufacture products in sheet metal from 2mm up to 30mm. Volumes are around 3-15 mm. Component parts can be from one basic section up to 10-1500 parts annually.

Manual welding

Our welding department is able to cater for all requirements made, from the most basic of products to other tasks that demand more specialised expertise, for example, as in licence welding.

Robot welding

In our workshop we have three robot welding machines of the make Motorman. See our List of Machinery for more information about the robots.

Sheet metal fabrication and plasma/laser cutting

Our company has two laser cutting machines with 3000 and 3200W respectively which has a capacity for metal thickness of up to 20mm.

We have one plasma cutting machine with table size 4000*2000 and max thickness 30 mm.

Surface Treatment

We have our own finishing surface treatment department fully equipped for washing and blasting together with wet spraying capability.

Our premises are also equipped for spraying with epoxy and polyurethane materials. Drying is completed in our two drying ovens.

Production Machining, Assembly and Construction

Production machining is performed with manual drilling and processing through automated machines.
In our own construction department we perform work in the product and fixture production stage.
In the assembly department the various components are gathered together for the completion of the final and finished product.

Specialist in TurNkey Solution in advanced sheet metal working

A complete supplier to the light/medium industry.

We are certificated in ISO 9001:2000 (quality) and ISO 14001:2004 (environmental protection) and ISO 3834-2 (welding).

List of Machinery

Laser Cutting Machines

TRUMPF TLC 3030 with 3200 W laser.
Completely equipped for automated function.

3000*1500*20 mm, in SS 2333 Tmax=12 mm

TRUMPF TLC 3030 with 3200 W laser

3000x1500x20 mm, in S2333 Tmax=12 mm

Plasma cutting machine

Metalmaster 4020 with plasma Hyperterm HPR 260 Amp

Max plate size 6000*2000*40 mm

Edge Press Machines

Ursviken optiflex
200 ton hydraulic, CNC-controlled. 6-axle. L=3500 mm

200 ton hydraulic, CNC-controlled 6-axle. L=3100 mm

200 ton hydraulic, CNC-controlled. L=4300 mm

Shear Cutting Machine

Tmax=10 mm, L=3100 mm.

Eccentic Pressing

125 tons. Working surface 1000*650 mm.

63 tons. Working surface 600*450 mm.

Roller Bending Machine

SMT Pullmax
Tmax=10 mm, L=2000 mm.

Cutting Machinery

Bandsaw KASTO with feed
max diameter = 200 mm

Bandsaw MEP 280 SXI with XXXXX
max diameter = 150 mm


Leadwell V-60 with CNC system Fanuc 18-MC.

Table size 1800*900 mm. 24 tools.

Daewoo ACE-H400P with CNC system Fanuc 18MC.

2 paletts 400*400 mm.
Work area X 600, Y 560, Z 560 mm. Max load 400 kg.

Radial drilling machine Gsp
Arm length 1300 mm.
Johnford VMC-1624 with CNC system Heidenheim TNC 430.

Table size 1800*900 mm. 24 tools.
Niagata SPN 50 with four pallets 500*500 with working range 720*720*720 complete with controller system Fanuc 16 M.
Maximum Load 600 kg. 60 vtg
Radial drilling machine KMR-700 DS
Arm length 700 mm.


3 robot-welding machines of the type
MOTORMAN UP-20-6 with manipulator VMF-500S5X.

Maximum swing 750mm, load/side 500kg.
Length between fixture plates =2050mm.
Including joint searching/following.

One robot-welding machines of the type
MOTORMAN UP-20-6 with manipulator VMF-750S5X.

Maximum swing 750mm, load/side 750kg.
Length between fixture plates =3150mm.
Including joint searching/following.

Bevel cutting machine Pullmax X97 25-55°
19 welding work places. Migatronic welding machines.

Effect 350 – 500 Amp. Water cooled.

All work places equipped with lifting table.

Welding positioners ErgoControll, programmable.
Maximum load 1000 kg, arm length = 1500 mm.
MILLER XMT 300 Tig welder

Bolt welder Esab Alpha 850.
Maximum diameter 120 mm.
Spot welder 30 kVA with guard


Two fully equipped working areas for the assembly of tractor-cabs / working platforms and similar products.

Three fully equipped working areas for the cleaning and assembly of hydraulic tanks.

Two fully equipped working areas for miscellaneous other types of assembly.

Surface treatment

Blasting area with recyclable sand/cleansing area
8000*6000 mm SBM

Shot blasting
W = 700, H = 2000mm, L = unlimited.

Spray painting room, (picture 2) with air cleaning.
Area 8000*7000 mm.

High pressure pumps/Low pressure pumps

Drying oven
L = 4000, H= 2700, W = 3900 mm.

Drying oven
L = 4000, H= 3700, W = 3500 mm.

Cooling room
Area 12000*6000 mm.

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Svets & Mekano AB

Olvägen 9 SE 342 50 Vislanda


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