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Finmec in brief

AS Finmec’s production facilities are in Maardu, Estonia, and has an excellent logistical location to the main ports and terminals and main high ways in Tallinn region.
Founded n 1994, AS Finmec has a long tradition as a prime producer of welded and machined goods.

Finmec’s core competencies are in complicated, heavy duty welding and machining of steel structures for international machine and equipment producers that are operating worldwide. The main applications of our customers are off-road , mobile equipment, cargo handling, forestry equipment and electrical power units.

AS Finmec’s production facilities are 7,500 sqm, and the production equipment comprise of modern CNC controlled cutting, machining and lathing units with over 50 high powered welding machines.

Finmec’s staff is multilingual and has a high level of graduation degree in all major academic disciplines. The welder’s have passed comprehensive tests and are compassioned to making high quality products.

A specialist in TurNkey Solutions of heavier complex welded and machined products

Examples of products on Finmec

Part to mining machine

Complete details of the mining machine

Frame for forklift truck

Frame for mining truck

Tack-welded frames for mining trucks

List of machines

Sheet metal working

Plasma cutting machine Messer MultiTerm 4000.

Max work size 12 m x 2,5 m. Max thickness 80 mm from edge start.

Equipped with plasma bevel head Skew rotator, C axel +/- 460° och max cut angel 45°.

Plasma aggregat HyperTherm HPR 400 Amp.

Movie showing bevel cutting. Picture on cutted part with bevel.

Comcut gas cutting machine

3 burners. Table size 2500x6000x150 mm.

Press brake Aliko 640

L=6000 mm, 630 tons.
Hydraulic presses for straightening of cutted material or flat material.
Shear cutting
L= 3000 * 10 mm
SBM shoot blasting machine
B-2000, H-600 mm, L=no limits.


Amanda H-650-HD

Mått…… 500 * 400 mm
Predrazzoil SN350 AP-CN

Mått…… 180 * 225 mm

Boring machines


X-3500, Y-2000, Z-1250. 60 tools.

12 ton´s maxload.

X-3500, Y-2500, Z-1250. 60 tools.

12 ton´s maxload.
Nicolas Correa

X-3000, Y-1100, Z-800. 25 tools.

4 tons maxload.
Johnford VMC-1224

X-1250, Y-1000, Z-550. 10 tools.


CNC lathe

Ø 280 L=400 mm.
Manual lathes

Ø 600 L=3200 mm.

Ø 400 L=1400 mm.


Welding robot MOTOMAN Gantry with L-positioner. Max load 5000 kg. Work area X=8 m, Y=8 m, Z= 8 m.

Ca 50 workplaces for welding equipped with Miller/Kemppi welding machines. Many with double feed devices for heavy duty welding. Max effekt 650 A.

4 driven welding positioners, with max 5 tons load and 6 m work lenght.

Submerged arc welding ESAB, work lenght 12 m.

Surface treatment

Manual blasting chamber with recycling. Size 6 x 6 meters with a ceiling height of 8 meters.

2 painting chambers for wet painting with extraction / filter, and with heating facilities. 6 x 10 meters with a ceiling height of 8 meters. Paint with all existing systems except Norsok.

Surface for finishing and quality controll incl. packing. Approximately 10 x 10 m with a height of 8 meters.

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